It’s #WW!!! R U ready?

Over at a land not far away from here, just a click, is Twitter Country. There on a sunny Wednesday, at least here in Puerto Rico is sunny for now, tweets are filling up the air with #WW (Writers Wednesday) tags.

The twitterians are sharing their songs with their followers, spreading the love for those words smiths they enjoy reading. Some they call muses, inspirations, must reads, friends. Writers, and I’m not saying this because I’m one, are an exceptional group of friends. Each are diferent from each other and we are atracted to them for the way they manipulate words and inspire us with them.

What ever you may call your favorite writers, shared them with others and with Mink’s readers. There are some I’ve distinguish over at my piece of land at @AlexandraRoman, via #WW tag. Leave a comment here and share your favorites, inspirational, muses, must reads, friends writers. I will love to connect with them and with you. Don’t forget to leave your twitter and blog too so we can get there with just a click!

Have a great journey today at Twitter Country via #WW!

My list of #WW love (note, since I’m bilingual this list is also):

  1. Theresa Meyers
  2. Mildred Melendez
  3. Thirty Creative Studio
  4. Elidio La Torre
  5. Libby poetry
  6. Heather Blakey

4 thoughts on “It’s #WW!!! R U ready?

  1. You are in Puerto Rico??? That is so amazing!! Never visited a blog of someone from Puerto Rico…

    I don’t Twitter much,.. never got into it, never got a feeling for it. But I will certainly check out your favorite #WW.

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