Darkness Rises Part II

Oshmdwa’s Children

Chapter One


Darkness Rises

Part 2

ALOra turned to her lady and sat her down in a cushioned chair.  Alora brushed her hair quietly for she knew her mistress was in despair.  If the king was dead that meant that princess Dinorah was now queen, but who will try to keep the death of the king a secret? Then a word came into her mind, Nabwh.  For Alora the thought was unbearable.  Her heart pounded hard in her chest and the brush in her hand fell to the ground.  Dinorah understood what happened, Alora realize what was going to happen.  Dinorah knew she could not keep this a secret from her for Alora knew her well and was, of course, aware of every detail in her life. Alora knew her dreams and despairs.  She was trained for this moment since she was handpicked by Queen Eduvigis. 

            The queen knew exactly what might happen to her daughter, so she was determined to be prepared for this. She assembled the best houses of the entire Kingdom of Irgoz and commanded them to bring forth their daughters.  Amongst them was Alora the daughter of the Grand Duke of Goizene a large province north of the kingdom.  She was a shy girl back then, but beautiful and full of life.  The first time the queen saw her she new Alora was special.  So Queen Eduvigis decided to take Alora in to her house for a few days to examine the seven year old more closely.  She presented her to Dinorah and left the two alone for a while.  When she came back the girls were playing cheerfully.  That night Eduvigis came to her daughter to ask her what she thought of Alora.  Dinorah told her that if she ever had a sister she would like her to be just like Alora.  Eduvigis asked her why she thought of Alora that way for she hardly knew her, Dinorah looked into her mother’s eyes and said she had looked upon Alora’s soul and saw she was pure of heart. This answer surprised the queen, but not too much she knew her daughter had a special way of knowing people and looking into their hearts was her way.  This made Dinorah very special, after all her whole family was special and full of secrets that couldn’t be disclosed.

           Queen Eduvigis send both girls to a monastery where they would get educated in everything they needed to know.  She put them in the hand of a young priest that would take care of them until they both where ready.  The girls said their goodbyes to their families only to see them on special occasions where they went home. They did not complain, they where apart from their families for they knew that this was for the good of the kingdom.

            Dinorah sensed the worries of her friend and took her hand.  Then she said to her, “I fear it is beginning.  My brother has been dead for three days know; I can feel it in my heart.”

            “If you know, why send Brengüer to Karmiérz when you should have gone yourself?”

            “If the king is dead there is much to be worry about especially of the Nabwh.  It is only a prophecy, but I know is beginning.  The pain I felt this morning was just a sign.  The Nabwh says that on the death of the ruler of this kingdom the next most be crowned within three days or the darkness will rise slowly consuming the heir.  I have only but a few weeks, a month the least until all is lost. 

            “But Karmiérz is fourteen days away from here, Lvadi, and that is if we take the central roads. There is no other way that will make it to save you; we will have to ride day and night.”

            “I know, but it is a risk I have to take.  We will check the maps to look for the safest roads.  But we have to go to the monastery of Lajwéz, I need to see him, she said with sadness.

            “He will be glad to see you until he notices what’s happening,” said Alora.

            “He knows what needs to be done. All we have to do now is to wait patiently.  For now let’s do what we came here for. Send for Lord and Lady Marquis Wrikam, we must resolve today this dispute amongst the merchants of this city.   Order the Sarai Richari to go and arrest the merchants once the Marquis are inside the palace, in the name of Her Royal Highness Princess Dinorah. Tell my secretary to issue the arrests warrants and give them to the Sarai as soon as possible.  I have a bad feeling, Alora, this is not what it seems,” she got up from her chair and with determination added. “Let’s put pressure to those who have a dark plan, hopefully they will show their faces soon.” 

            “What you are saying might put you in more danger than you are now.  For all they know, if they know anything, is that you know nothing of your brother’s death and that there’s a possibility the shadow of the Oshmdwan will consume you without you noticing it. Don’t you think is better to lay low for a few days until Brengüer is back?”

            “By then it will be late. If I achieve to resolve the problem of the merchants, I’m giving the chance for things to be revealed, for nothing else is keeping me here. This gives me an advantage to know what to do in this matter, and how to proceed. Since the house of Itana took power over this kingdom, there has been envy and many have look for the way to dethrone the kings. This is why I have a feeling the Marquis have something to do. It is no secret that his family has been enemies of the house of Itana.”

            “Your bothers wife and queen of Irgoz is from that family,” Alora mentioned.

            “Yes, it is why my parents were always against that marriage, but love triumph against enmity. This kingdom have always lived surrounded by enemies, it is certain some are at my back, and closer than I imagine. For that, I need safe passage through my land. My life will not be safe until I’m crowned queen,” she made a pause and expressed with authority. “Send for the Marquis and that they are informed I speck them to be here before midday.”

            Alora said vowing, “Of course, Lvadi.”

            When Alora exit the room she saw the rose Brengüer smelled not so long ago.  She took it and smelled it smiling softly, the aroma was exquisite. Like from impulse and moved by an unknown feeling she ran towards a great glass window that looked upon the stables. Through the glass window she looked for Brengüer, wishing in her gout that he hadn’t left. The knight was preparing to leave, he waited for his companion. By chance he looked upon the window from which he was been watched with thoroughness, and when he saw who it was, his heart leaped of joy. So nobody could notice, he took the reins of his horse and moved them in such a way that his Bronwen made a vow, at the same time his front leg made an arch. Alora smiled, and vowed in response of her approval. It was costume of the knights to send messages to their ladies with the gestures from their horses. In this manner a sort of courtship was initiated between the knight and the lady.

            When Alora parted Brengüer made a gesture to his companion so they could leave. Both went out the back gate, so no one could notice them. This gate led to a passage outside the city, and for years has been use by the monarchs that stayed there in case of an emergency.

            Alora dazzled and with a small smile painted on her lips, went to the kitchen where usually at least one of the messengers could be found. For her convenience there were two of them, so she choose the faster one and to whom Alora gave the Princess’ orders. She ordered him not to postpone taking the errand and to leave immediately. When she made sure the messenger had left the palace, Alora went to the secretary and gave him the other orders; then to the stables. She did not wanted to go to the stables when Brengüer was there so not to be distracted and be concentrated in what needed to be done.

            When she made her presence a second time at the stables, the Sarai Richari where surprised; but instead of making questions, they aligned themselves in front of her, vowed and waited for her orders. Alora, then said, “Princess Dinorah has send for the Marquis and his wife, once they are in the palace, you will go out as fast as you can ride and arrest the merchants. The Princess’ secretary will be shortly here to give you the warrants. You will bring them to palace, take them to the throne room and wait there for the arrival of Her Highness and the Marquis. Her Highness gives you the authority to use moderate force if the merchants refuse to come.”

            Immediately the Sarai disperse and started preparing for their departure. Alora left them as silently as she came. While she made her way back to her lady’s chamber, she prayed to the Fourth asking him for protection and peace, for what lingered in every corner of that city felt just like they were being waylaid by the Oshmdwans. For any Irgoez the thought was horrendous. To think of the Oshmdwans was to think of shadows, and no children of the light, like the Irgoezs, wished to swathe their thoughts in shadows. The Oshmdwans brought misery and discord in the past, and that was Alora’s fear: the return of an era of darkness, like they lived centuries ago.

Chapter Two will be delivered on March 9, 2011

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