The secret code

        IN THE MORNING when Clare woke up, she stretched herself as usual.  It was time to go to school!  Clare was a nine-year-old girl; she had big brown eyes and long straight red hair.  Her grandma said she looked like her father, but had the nose of her mother. 

     Clare’s parents woke up very early in the mornings, her father to go to work and her mom to prepare breakfast and wake Clare up to take her to school.  Her mother owned a bookstore, she loved books and Clare loved them too. 

       Clare looked at herself in the mirror to comb her hair.  When she looked at the mirror she saw a little note.  She took it and saw that there was a drawing on it.  It was a picture of an eye! 

         A picture of an eye! –she said to herself. 


         Who could have drawn an eye and left it on her mirror?  She took the drawing and put it in the pocket of her pajamas. As always, Clare went to the bathroom to take a shower and clean her teeth.  When she took her toothbrush she noticed there was another note.  The note had another drawing.  It was a red heart! 

       A red heart! –she exclaimed.  


       Who could have drawn a red heart and left it in my toothbrush?  -she thought. 

       After pondering for a while, she said: 

       “Hum!  This is a mystery.” 

       Could it be a clue?  And what do they mean.  Could someone be trying to tell me something? –Clare asked herself looking for answers. She took out the other note from the pocket of her pajama and looked at the two pictures very closely, but could not figure out what they meant.  She paused for a while. 

       “Well, I could solve this mystery later.  If I do not hurry up I will be late for school.” 

       Clare took a shower and went back to her room.  She put on her blue uniform on and brushed her hair making a ponytail.  Last, she put on her socks and went back to the closet to look for her shoes. When Clare looked at her shoes she exclaimed.  

       “A third note!” 

      She took the note and this time she noticed that there was not a picture in it, but a letter.  The letter U! 

      “The letter U?” -she asked confused. 


      Clare took the three notes and placed them on the bed in the same order that she had found them. 

      “An eye, a red heart and the letter U.  What do they have in common?”- asked Clare. 

      She took the note that had the picture of the eye. 

      “What do you mean?”- she asked.  

      Then she remembered something her mom told her last night.  She said that some names of things sounded like pronouns.  Clare remembers because she was studying pronouns!  That was it!   The eye stands for I.  Yes she solved the first clue.  

       Now, to the second one. –Clare said to herself. 

      So she took the second picture and look at it very closely.  A red heart. 

      “What do you mean?”- said Clare. 

      She paused for a while and remembered something else her mom told her last Saint Valentines.   About hearts meaning love. She remembers because she asked her mom why she was decorating the bookstore with so many red hearts. 

       “Oh!”- she exclaimed- “I solved the second clue.  It means love.”  

       So she had solved the first clue which meant I, and the second clue meant love.  But she was not sure what they meant together, until she looked at the third clue. 

      The third clue was the letter U.  

     “U!”-she exclaimed. “Now I know what they mean, but who left them on my things? 

       She had figure out the mystery of the three clues, but pondered on who was so kind to expressed that to her. Suddenly she heard a humming coming from the kitchen, and Clare’s face lighted up with joy. She immediately ran towards the kitchen and there serving her breakfast was her mother. 

        Clare jumped on her and gave her a huge hug and said: 

        “I love you too, mom.” 

         Her mother smiled and gave Clare a kiss. 

5 thoughts on “The secret code

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  2. Lilly1949

    I like the short story, but be careful with the grammar. You wrote sucks instead of socks.
    Is your fantasy novel for a young adult audience? This one is for a much younger audience. I will be interested in how could it be used in the classroom, since you mentioned you’ll be using some Taino mythology.
    Have a great xmas!
    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog which is really a one to one exchange with the ex.

    • Oh, thanks, Lilly, I have not seen that one. My novel is in Spanish and is for YA audience, with some Taino influences on the culture of two races I have created for this fantasy story. I’m still working on it, so for now it won’t be out.

      Will be visiting your blog again to read about those exchanges of yours with the ex.

      Many blessings to you on this Christmas and New Years! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

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