For all I know, smells have been a therapy for the body, the soul and the mind.  Never have I consider them to be something to care for until I remember a certain smell that brings me peace.  There are many I remember, but that one is unique. 

Is the smell of incense, but not any incense like the one you can purchase in a store.  No, this one I only find at church when the priest burns it and fills the atmosphere with a spiritual perfume.  Who could though that spirituality could have a smell?  I pondered upon words to capture its essence in writing and it alludes me just like it does disappearing into the air as it rises. Still I have the upper hand for I could recognize it like I did at mass.  It brought a smile to my face and gave me a sense of serenity. My soul was home!

There is another smell that gives me quite the opposite feeling.  That of a perfume!  It smells like cinnamon but yet sweet.  Glamour is the word that comes to my mind.  Gorgeous is how I feel when I put it on.  Feelings of greatness, of power and seduction…  I put it on and I know people will turn to look at me, to watch me walk away.  It takes me to another world were I’m a princess of a magical place where unicorns roam the valley and fairies live in peace in an enchanted forest untouched by man.  Where I rule always perfumed in glamour…

The smell of fresh bread in the morning brings a feeling of warmth. It is in the air everywhere and everyone gets infected by that warmth and wants to give love and more kindness to one another in this land where everyday bread is baked every morning.  The day passes on, everybody is happy and patient and kind for love is in the air in the essence of baked bread.  

Her hair has a certain perfume that nobody else has.  It is hers and will stay with her for the rest of her life.  The perfume of her skin is the reason for my maternity, it symbolizes the love of a mother and her daughter.    Peace is the name, maybe love, or just simplicity of a body to be recognized for its uniqueness.

This is part of the excersise (sorry they are in Spanish) of the section “El rincón de mi musa” for “Oasis” for the part “Olfato” (sense of smell). Enjoy!

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