A farewell

“I’m going because I love her,” she said.

Once there with the corner of her eyes Saly looked at her Grandma, shyness portrayed in her innocent face. Her sight came upon a collage of memories set there to spark a smile on the faces of those that came to pay their respects and give support. She sighted and a smile followed as the flow of memories of fun and loving times she spend with her came to her young mind.

On a big couch Saly sat just to look at her in silence, “She’s sleeping?” asked a familiar voice. It was her little brother whom looked at her unaware of what was happening. Saly just gave a little smile. A familiar person came to sit by her, his hand on hers giving comfort.

“I’ll miss her,” he said to Saly.

“I’ll miss her too, Grandpa,” she answered sadly resting her head on his hand.

“I love you so much,” he told her and kissed her forehead, her curly brown hair flowing lightly on his arm.

She embraced him holding back the tears being strong for him, replied in a whisper, “I love you!”.

Holding each other hands minutes went by while they stared at the Lady that filled their lives with laughter, love and fun times. Talking amongst themselves they exchange words of love that can only be expressed not to say goodbye, but farewell. Strong pillars for a family worried for their well being for they lost a part of their hearts. Those concerned could breathe easily for Saly was going to be fine, she understood. Pride filled their aching hearts for she was more mature than they thought of her; a smile was painted in their faces every time they came upon her. All trying to take from her strength for she knew her Grandma will always live in her heart and will never be forgotten.

Saly kissed a small yellow note she wrote to her and said farewell, “You will always be in my heart”.


In loving memory of Norma I. Santiago, you will forever be in our hearts.

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3 thoughts on “A farewell

  1. Raquel Santiago

    Took a while for me to gather the strength to finish reading this Painful but Beautiful composition. Now that I have I THANK YOU! Not only for sharing your amazing talent with all of us but for paying tribute to Mom and the beautiful legacy she’s leaving behind. Love you guys!

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