Your words will always be with me

I know I owe you friends a little apology for my silence these past weeks. Thankfully I had pre-schedule some posts to have you entertained, of which I totally forgot and was surprise to see.

A dear love one passed away suddenly on the 18th; her parting took us by surprise. We’ll miss her, but will always remember her. My eyes tear up just to think that she will not be with us, but my heart rejoices thinking she is watching over us.

I know today is not Monday, I have not forgotten and I was going to do this yesterday, but Hurricane Earl decided to pay us a visit. Thankfully he just said hello from the distance and did not do much damage. So here it is, Mondays Quote on a cloudy and breezy Tuesday!

I’m sharing the words of a woman loved my many and taken from us too soon, but the times we had with her will last us a lifetime. This quote is taken from her last facebook status and summarizes her joyful life.

For you Norma, my dear mother-in-law, who loved this blog, enjoyed reading it and whom I will always remember and love. I will pass your words to your grandchildren who love you.

Enjoy life, love and live with passion. Memories will hold you thru bad times and there will always be a story to tell the grandkids.” –Norma I. Santiago Santiago.


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