A quote for Mink Monday

I will try, read well, I’ll try. “What is it that you’ll try?” is the question that comes immediately and vivid to your thoughts. This is what I’ll try every Monday on Mink. A quote, ‘una cita’ like we say in Spanish, that has and serves as a written guide to this journey of mine. Whether is to fortify or that had slap the face of a writer, or words just spoken to my ear from those who make this journey of mine a reason to smile or to think the journey over or just to teach.

The weekend was tumultuous and while I found an escape between the brick walls of The Northern Island alongside my little ones. It wasn’t until yesterday that I found words that thought me how to deal with a human characteristic: “inside wrath”. They come from one of my favorite catholic authors, Priest Ignacio Larrañaga, who through his writing and exercises has thought me to have a better praying life and commute with my Creator. No, is not to preach but to share.

From his book Itinerary towards God, I found in the title Homage to silence these words:

“…the silence of the mind corresponds to the peace of the heart”

Also at the end,

“It is always the same: to silence the mind and surrender”

Itinerary towards God

Good practices for when the inside wrath or rage, as you wish to call it, takes over us. Silence the mind, your inner thoughts, surrender it in the hands of Who will give you peace, breath the serenity silence has given and live. And if you have time do as I did, dance to the music of some plena, or whatever you may like.

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