George Torres “True boricua”


By George “Urban Jibaro” Torres

What`s up with you?
Dont get mad at me and say that I’m not down,
Que yo no soy boricua.
Don`t tell me that i don`t represent
When you don`t know what you are representing.
You say i don`t keep it real because my
pants don`t hang low and i choose not to
drink 40`s and smoke blunts
with you on the same corner i saw you on…
The last time i saw you…
When you`re chilling with your people,
you tell them i`m not down and
for once in your life you`re right,
because while you choose to dwell
with your ill fated friends drowning in
I am representing.
I am representing
that`s right my motherland. Oh you thought
boricua meant puertorican homeboy?
Hold up, let me break down what a
boricua really is.

A true boricua is one
who learns about his culture,
past and present, embracing it because he knows
he has lost so much already.
He keeps it real by educating himself.
He acknowledges the afrikan shadow of his taino
soul and recognizes the oppression, devastation
and near elimination of his roots.
He can never forget that, but he won`t let
that get in the way of his progress by blaming
the slave masters 500 years later…
He knows it`s time to move on.

A true boricua knows
his responsibility as a father and mentor to his
children by sharing lifetime experience
and giving them mental strength.
A true boricua sees
the ills and faults of his own people and
understands that only through unity,
education and caribeño family
values is he going to be able to teach
his children not to represent ignorance
and be tolerant of the mental ploys that
have kept our tribe
down for so long.

A true boricua keeps it real
by recognizing the strength, loyalty and
determination of his female counterpart.
He respects the fact that she is,
has and always will be our backbone.
She has kept us together and
taken us so far for so long…
But don`t be surprised she is a natural
born leader. For your information,
taino women were caciques too.

So you see mi hermano,
being boricua is not about being down, it`s about
elevating yourself to what our people were
before we were attacked, before we were raped
and before we were robbed of our native
toungue, culture
and peace of mind.

©George Torres. All rights reserved.

George “Urban Jibaro” Torres

George Torres aka The Urban Jibaro and I am the man behind Sofrito For Your Soul and half the creative force behind the Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase. Sofrito For Your Soul is an online magazine that promotes the evolution of Latino culture in the United States. Our mission is to share the spirit of our heritage through art, fashion, music, dance, traditions,and emerging trends. We strive to offer Latinos a chance to reconnect with their heritage and extend an invitation to other cultures to experience the beauty of everything we have to offer.

For more on George Torres visit Sofrito for your Soul.

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5 thoughts on “George Torres “True boricua”

  1. “¡Hay qué mejorar la raza!, was what my Great Grandfather ,”Papá”, use to say. And from a morenito de las jaldas de Aibonito salió una hincha de ojos verdes, mulata con la nariz marca por la raza negra. This is a word that I have not use for a while, but it is ingeniously described and used with historical details in this poem by César Vargas. The same for True Boricua, sometimes, in this times where techonology and internet gives us the tools to reach farther, some don’t understand what is and makes a boricua.

    A little of la raza on Mink, enjoy!

  2. Fantástico blog ¿Tiene alguna Consejos para los aspirantes a escritores?
    Estoy planeando esperando para iniciar mi propio sitio web pronto, pero estoy un poco perdido en todo.
    ¿Te Consejo empezando por una plataforma libre como WordPress o ir para una opción de pago?
    Hay tantas opciones opciones por ahí que estoy totalmente completamente confundido ..
    Cualquier recomendaciones ? Gracias

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