Efraín Nieves, “Broke love” / Nilki Benitez, “Más allá”

Broke Love
By Efraín Nieves

I have nothing.

No house, no cars, no chain
I catch the bus
transfer to the train
Just to get to work,
I’m not ashamed.

I don’t have a top notch phone
credit fucked can’t get a loan
no name brand cologne
no diamond, not even one stone,
but I will never leave you alone,
That’s my word.

I have nothing to extend
no money to spend
but please comprehend
I want to be more than a friend,
in your life.

It’s a question I’m afraid to ask,
but no longer can I hide under this mask
my heart is racing fast
because sometimes I think
you’re just to good for me.

Can you deal with plain old me
I’m not trying to cop a plea
not trying to flee
what you see is what it be.
What you say love?

I surrender to your affection
only look one way, your direction
I’m not perfection
nor afraid of rejection,
I just feel this connection.

Something between us
didn’t feel it there but it grew
who knew? Widened my view
I see clearly through.
All I have is this broke love to give you.

©Efraín Nieves. All rights reserved.

Efraín Nieves

Efraín Nieves is Managing Editor for Being Latino.  He has authored over 250 blogs, which include:  Español in the United States: Why Can’t We Speak it?; I am Latino, not White and The African in Me: Our Roots. He has also published countless articles from up and coming as well as established writers and poets. Nieves is currently compiling a book titled “Anthology of a Conscious Awakening”, and he describes it as an “evolution of my feelings in relationships throughout my life. It is a journey I took to find real love and romance in my life”.

Efraín Nieves and his work could be found on Being Latino, or through Facebook.


Mas Allá
Por Nilki Benitez

It is not
                          sapphire skies
emerald forests

mas allá

           the talcum
of volcanoes in line

 mas allá

beyond towering
stacks of blades
on golden plains

 mas allá

past the gulf, the sea, the canal

mas allá

del patio encerrado
techo de aire pesado
pelo de perro

mas allá

del paradero de bus
donde nos esperaba
el hombre
que nunca cambia
como su tienda
en la casa de campo
cons sus pisos frescos
y coco helado

mas allá
del río
con sus aguas de cabra
ritos secretos

mas allá
de los murmuros
de la vegetación
cerca al cacaraqueo de las gallinas
por allí
por los caballos flacos
perros, gatos
y muchachos que bailan
con la linda pereza del calor

en las lomas verdes atrás
en la pila de agua
al lado del horno de leña
sumergida en el agua fría
del monte

con sabor de café dulce
y tostones salados
    en el cuarto secreto entre
         lengua y nariz
precisamente allí
        encontrarás mi niñez

©Nilki Benitez. All rights reserved. 

nilki benítez currently lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys roaming around the country and world on a whim.  Her passion revolves around social justice, environmental respect and connecting authentically with others through the written and spoken word.

Check out Nilki Benitez on her blog, Mussings, or her Facebook page.


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7 thoughts on “Efraín Nieves, “Broke love” / Nilki Benitez, “Más allá”

  1. Ahh! Llego tarde a ustedes hoy no porque no lo deseara, sino por situaciones adversas. ¡Aquí estoy, a Dios gracias!

    El poema de Nilki me transportó a mi niñez en Aibonito, y es como si ella hubiese estado presenciando esos momentos jubiles en los campos y jaldas donde la inocencia florecía como las miramelindas en plena primavera. Impregando queda este poema, con añoro al recuerdo de un lugar que lo arropa la neblina.

    To be acknowledge by the one you love is the longing of some. Yes, I have felt that way and is a slow death to your soul thats fead by love. Yes, memories of old with this poem by Efraín, but at the end realized that if I was not good enough for him, he did not deserve me. Great poem!

    Gracias Efraín y Nilki, ha sido todo un placer leerlos.

  2. Efrain Nieves

    Thank you Alexandra for showcasing my poem. I am truly honored to be a part of your event and I hope I can take part in future events to come.



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