Things most come to an end

…And is that time of year. Actually, this year so far has seen its share of endings. Some are just saying ‘see you later’, while others ‘farewell’. For those that will come back, you wait with anticipation imagining what will happen. A thought haunts you, will they come back?

A sight escapes from your chest for you will have to say goodbye to those that have ended. Their endings were memorable as their beginnings. You’ll compare them to those that will replace their space, judging by the second episode, worthy or not.

So as you brace yourself, you keep that hour open, the sofa warm enough for a comeback and a few good movies serve as replacements for now.

My hats to you and farewell to The Tudors and 24! I’ll be seeing your later Entourage, Stargate Universe, and Caprica!

My Fridays are open for the moment, and so are my Sundays –until June 27, which is next weekend. By that time my sofa will still be warm.

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Alexandra Román de Hernández es la autora de El valle de la inspiración y La dama de Israel: La historia de Judith. Trabaja en estos momentos en su segunda novela de ficción.


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2 thoughts on “Things most come to an end

    • The Tudors was one of the best epics I’ve seen on King Henry VIII story. Caprica is a Sci-Fi precuela de mi show favorito, and the best writen ever for tv, Battlestar Galactica.

      Kofla those are the only hours I watch tv, after the kids have gone to bed and I don’t want to think. LOL

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