I’m a proud mami

This year we skipped my daughter’s Bday party, and instead we took her to a spa. She loved it, of course, what girl doesn’t! One of her gifts was a Nintedo DS i XL, and with it came a cause and effect situation. Don’t worry for it has nothing to do with the fact that she’ll be playing with it until her fingers hurt or gets tired; but has everything to do with the fact that she has a big heart and, more important, she’s more mature than I think her. Kids are full of surprises!

My husband approached me with a question, “What are we going to do with the old DS?” “I don’t know,” I answered. Then he told me about a little girl who lives with her mom in a shelter for abuse women. The little girl had a DS for Christmas and got stolen at the shelter, which broke her heart. My husband wanted to give our daughters old DS, since it was in good condition, to the girl. “This will make her very happy again,” he ended his anecdote. I said it was fine with me, but we should run this with Saly, our daughter, since it was hers.

So I did, and explained to her what happened to the little girl, and asked if she was willing to give her the old pink Nintendo DS. Before Saly gave me her answer, she exploded in an outrage. She was amazed that someone could do such a horrible and cruel thing to a little girl. I told her the world is filled with selfish people, who only think of themselves and not the well being of others. Saly smiled and said, “Sure! I’ll give her my DS. I know she’ll be as happy as I was with it.” My heart was joyfull, for I was proud of my nine year old who fills my life with endless love.

To add more to her kindness, she not only gave her the case to put it in, but also send the little girl two games to play with.

Today all over the mall, she announced it was her Bday and brought unexpected smiles to seldom serious faces. “She’s very loving,” a friend, whom I haven’t seen in a while, remarked. I wish I could say is all my doing, that’s part of how I’m raising her. In reality is more than that, is part of her nature and defines her as who she is. I’m sure her kindness will not fade away; she’ll keep putting smiles on people faces and put her “granito de arena” by sharing with this world her TLC.

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