Menace to Society

Here is one of my favorite children stories I wrote for my daughter, which she loved. I love it for is has a bit of darkness in it, not to much, just enough to make it interesting. Hope you enjoy and leave me your comments.

Alexandra Román

 Menace to Society

North of here there’s a place, a very different place, called Society. In this town are many weird rules, but one is often imposed. You see, the rulers of the families are the first born. They decide what to eat, what to do, where to go, when to play or watch TV. But, must important of all, they decide if their siblings are Menace to Society. Yes, a menace!

This is how it works. If a first born declares his or her little brother or sister, a menace, he or she is taken away to the Manner School. This is where all siblings are sent to study and learn good manners. Dark stories are told of that place, the Manner School; but, no one has lost its way there! For all siblings have made it out, and returned to their families safely, and back, of course, to Society.

In Society lived a girl of brown wavy hair named Ally, who had a sibling of almost two years old. ‘Till now he has not been declared a menace. His name was Hector, named after his father, who also was a second child. He was sent by his older sister to the Manner. He knows of the dark stories of that place, for he lived there for a while. This is why he kept Ally away from the baby when he was irritated. Her room was on the opposite side of her parents, so when the baby Hector cried at night, she could not hear him, and would not be disturbed by him.

Ally was very fond of her brother, and even thou he had an attitude problem, as she call it, she would not separate from him. Her mom, a first born, was surprised for she thought Ally would declare her brother a menace, the instant he hit her or took one of her toys away.

Ally’s best friend Ricky, named after his father like most of the first born boys where, had a younger sister, who was only a few months old. Ally and Ricky often played together, and one day he said to her.

“If my little sister takes my toys away, I will declare her a menace.”

“Why?” asked Ally, curious.

“It’s the law, silly!” replied Ricky.

“But, I wouldn’t do that to my little brother. I love him!” exclaimed Ally.

“Love has nothing to do with it!” exclaimed Natalie, another first born in Ally’s class.

“Right!” agreed Ricky. “If he takes your toys, he has to go to the Manner,” he said in a spooky way.

“He has to learn to share,” said Natalie emphasizing on the word share.

“Aha!” Ricky agreed again.

Ally was troubled by this. She not only loved her brother very much, he made her laugh a lot. Of all, every time he said her name, which was his first word, out loud, she smiled.

What if he takes my toys away or my favorite book? Ally asked herself, followed by a sight. Confused she entered her classroom, along her first born friends.

Her first born mother and second born father went to pick her up from school, along with her baby brother. When little Hector saw Ally coming out of her classroom, he yelled her named, “Ally!” She smiled as usual, and ran to him. He pulled her close, gave her a kiss and hugged her tightly.  Ally hugged him back, and said softly, “You’re not a menace!”

Her parents joyfully smiled, for they knew they had nothing to be afraid of anymore.

That afternoon, her second born dad came home with gifts for little Hector and Ally. For his first born he bought a yo-yo, his favorite toy while he stayed at the Manner in his childhood; and a blue racing car for his second born. Ally loved her yo-yo, but she also liked the blue racing car. She decided it was a good idea to play with it, along with her brother in his room. But, something unexpected happened. Little Hector liked his toy so much he didn’t want to share.

“That’s it!” exclaimed an unhappy Ally, after trying several times to play with the blue racing car. “You don’t want to share your toy with me, fine!”

Her parents looked at each other frightened. They rushed towards the room to calm her down, but it was too late. As soon as they open the door, she uttered the words.

“You are a Menace to Society.”

Her first born mother ran towards little Hector and picked him up, hugging him she cried. Ally looked at her and asked. “Mom, why are you crying?”

“Ally,” she said, but kept crying.

That’s when Ally noticed a light on top of little Hector’s crib. It had always been green, but now…

“Why is that light red, daddy?”

Her father, with a sad voice, answered, “That’s the Manner School alarm, Ally.”

“Alarm for what?”

There was a knock at the door; her father went to open it. Two men in blue suits stood there. One of them said, “Where here for the menace.”

Her mom cried harder, but could do nothing. She kissed and hugged her baby and gave him to his father. He kissed him and hugged him, too. Ally realized what she had done, when the man said he was there for the Menace. In her anger, she had done what she thought would never do: declare her little brother, whom she loved, a Menace to Society.

When her father was about to give little Hector to the man, he saw Ally and exclaimed in his sweet baby voice, “Ally!”

Her heart leaped of joy, and immediately she smiled, and shouted, “No!”

The man paused.

“You can’t take him away. I love him and his not a menace to Society. He’s my little brother.”

With these words, the two men went on their way. Taking with them the alarm, for they knew Ally loved her brother and she would teach him to share.

“After all he’s just a baby.” They all smiled, and always lived together caring for one and other. But, do you want to know how this law came to be. Well now, that’s a story for another time.


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5 thoughts on “Menace to Society

    1. Hi Efraín,

      It’s funny that you mention it, for I was thinking of extacly the same last night. I think I got it! But the way I thought of it, would be a litle bit darker than this one. Can wait to let the ideas flow on paper. Good hearing from you!

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