The Prada Shoes

The Prada Shoes

Valeria was drinking a latté outside a local café that she had always liked and was visiting for the first time. It was like every European café, where drinking or eating outside was more costly than doing it in the inside. The café had a great view of the plaza that was visited by tourists that time of year. The city was very old and full of timeless architectural treasures, museums, castles and fountains. It was a paradise for the rich and famous, because every designer label was two blocks away from where Valeria was.

Valeria had high hopes for herself. She had always dreamed of marrying a rich man who could afford her every desire. Today she knew she could catch one of those rich spoiled men who visited the café. Valeria was very confident, because she was dressed for the part like every good actress.

She took a sip of her over priced latté and smiled looking at every gentleman that walked in front of her with seductress eyes. She crossed her legs to show off her shoes and place her left hand under her chin. Valeria took a deep breath closing her eyes to feel the smooth breeze that was caressing her face. When she opened her eyes, she saw a man standing in front of her. He was tall and handsome, well dressed too! Valeria had a good eye for designer clothes and the man was wearing a Gucci suit.

Valeria smiled and the man said to her, “Good afternoon, Madam.”

“Good afternoon, Sir,” she answered.

“I was admiring your shoes. Prada?” The man asked.



“You are correct!” Valeria smile impressed.

“They are stunning!”

Valeria smiled proudly. “Thank you!”

“Is not every day you see a woman that looks more gorgeous than the Prada shoes she is wearing.”

“Is that a compliment?” Valeria asked seductively.

“Yes. Every woman that I have seen, can’t wear Prada as good as you.”

“You seem like a man who can entertain a woman with a nice and interesting conversation. Would you care to join me?”

“Of course!” He exclaimed.

He sat down in the chair that was across the table. He ordered a cappuccino and introduced himself, “My name is Peter Klein.”

“Valeria Glazer.” She introduced herself giving him her hand to shake.

“A pleasure! May I ask what are you doing here alone? A beautiful woman like yourself should always have company.”

“I am waiting for destiny.”

Peter laughed “For destiny? That man does not exist! You think you will find him here?”

Valeria smiled seductively. “Yes,” she whispered.

“I like that, a gorgeous woman looking for destiny. So that could only mean two things.”

“And what would they be?”

“One, you are not married, have a boyfriend or a lover. Two, you are flirting with me.”

Valeria laughed. “You do know how to entertain.” They both laughed.

“To answer your questions, I could say to the first yes and to the second, maybe. But it seems that the one who is flirting with me is you, Mr. Klein. You, my dear sir, are the one who noticed my shoes. I could say you have been watching me for a long time. Isn’t that right?”

Peter made a nod and smiled, looked at her and kept silent.

“Your silence answers my question. Should I take that as a yes?” Asked Vakeria flirting.

“Maybe.” They both laughed.

“What do you do, Peter?”

“I investigate people that have made transactions with large companies. I make sure they are taking care of.”

“That sounds intriguing. Do you make a good living at it?”

“Yes, enough to live up to my expectations.”

“And this people that you investigate, are they criminals?”

“That is why I investigate them.”

“Oh!” She said intrigued. “Tell me, what are you investigating right know?”

“Well,” he said taking his chair and sitting by her side. “Now I am investigating a suspect, who made a bad transaction with a well known company.”

“That is very interesting! What kind of bad transaction this suspect made?” She asked drinking the last of her latté.

“This suspect has a thing for shoes.”

“Hum!” She laughed. “Well that won’t be difficult for you, since you have an eye for good shoes.” She said sarcastically.

Peter got closer to her in a manner that only she could hear what he was saying. “Well, this woman those love Prada, and her last transaction was yesterday. You see, she got red colored snakeskin shoes. They are stunning!”

Valeria felt a chill go down her spine. She breathed slowly and looked around. Across the street, in the plaza, she saw a man in black who looked very suspicious. He was standing next to a pole staring at them and smoking a cigarette.

“Do you work with other people?” Valeria asked with out looking at him.

“Yes. In this line of work is not good to work alone.”

Then she looked at Peter seriously.

“You think that woman is me?” She implied smiling, hiding her concern.

“There is a way to find out.”

“Which way would that be?”

“I will like you to accompany me to the police station.”

“Why didn’t you say that from the beginning?”

“Well, is not everyday you see a woman who can wear Prada and look better than it. I really enjoyed it.”

“Thank you. I have always been afraid of snakes, but loved shoes. It seems the combination was fatal for me. Do you want the shoes now detective Klein?” Valeria inquired standing up. As she did, the man that was standing beside the pole started walking towards them.

“Actually, I would like to see them on you a little longer,” he said with flirting eyes.

“You are flirting with me!” She said laughing. “Tell me, Mr. Klein, is that Gucci suit really yours or did you borrow it just to arrest me?”

“Yes, the suit is mine. I do live at my highest expectations.”

“Ironic isn’t it. I thought these shoes will get me the man I have always desired, and I was right.”


3 thoughts on “The Prada Shoes

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    What a great story – this was a beaut read. I thought it would be all about fashion & shoes (mind you, the shoes ARE ‘stunning’) but it’s a wonderful story! Like like! 🙂

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