The world is a stage, a poem

The world is a stage

But I’m no actress!
I stand here in the middle of the stage
waiting for the spotlight to shine upon me.
But there is always someone else.
A person, a voluptuous woman
who takes the light away from me.
I feel small, unworthy.
Invisible to the naked eye.

I stand there but no one is watching,
They see beyond me.
What do they see?
There without light, darkness falls.
I’m standing in the middle of the stage in darkness.
Then I smile with pride, confident.
I have seen beyond them
and beyond those who have taken the spotlight away from me.

The world is full of stages.
Here where I stand is mine!
Mine is like no other.
It is a book,
It’s a sentence.
My stage is a page.

A blank page and I am the pencil.
Black and white we become one.
There where the page is my stage
no other person or voluptuous woman,
can take the light away from me
For here I rein.
This is my world.
This is my stage!
I proclaim the page my stage.
Every day and every night!
Word by word.

3 thoughts on “The world is a stage, a poem

  1. Raquel Santiago

    WOW!! So powerful! I am a huge fan of your writing and I can’t wait until you are published and sharing your gift with the world! Keep posting!

    Raquel Santiago

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